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Announcing Esther T. Jones’ Debut Novel:

Tedenbarr of Have Lath

Nine years in the making, Tedenbarr of Have Lath is now available both as a paperback and an eBook from


This thrilling story is set in a long ago medieval era, when bandits roamed the countryside, and pirates stalked the high seas. Political intrigue, a backdrop of serfdom so severe that slavery is still existent, and a dash of romance; all these set the stage upon which Tedenbarr’s adventure begins.

Faced with danger from land and sea, foreigner and country-kin, Tedenbarr must embark on an arduous, harrowing journey from West to East, and back again, with only his wit, and will to survive against the many trials that beset him along the way. Only time will tell if Tedenbarr can succeed in his quest to return home, and finally reunite with his friends and family.Tedenbarr of Have Lath Book Cover

We hope you’ll enjoy following alongside Tedenbarr on his travels, whether in print or digital media, and consider joining the mailing list at Jones’ official website to receive updates about exciting new content, contests, giveaways, and more.

A special thanks goes out to the author’s wonderful brother, professional artist Don Jones, who not only suffered through years of being a sounding board, but also designed the fantastic cover for Tedenbarr of Have Lath.

Jones is currently working on her second novel, Thorunn, an alien/human culture-clash science-fiction adventure novel set on a far off planet in the distant future.

Happy reading,
Esther T. Jones
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