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It is the year 2230. 50 Years since Thorunn was discovered, 45 since the first manned mission, nearly 30 since Earth started sending settlers, and 10 since the terrible tragedy that befell the Apollo XXII colony.

But the history of the Norse named lightning planet couldn’t be any less interesting to Laine Riven, dragged there by his parents in hopes of a better life. Not when one thing after another begins to go horribly wrong, starting with his father’s arrest, his mother’s sudden collapse, and a vicious attack on his new home by the nearby Lokian population. And at the middle of it all is Kenton Wishings, who shouldn’t even exist.

Kenton Wishings, whose singular mission is to keep greedy scientists from destroying his home. But when the soldiers from Skytown cut that mission short, taking him away to be tortured and experimented on, it’s up to his best friend Bo – and an angry, grudging, reluctant Laine – to rescue him whilst braving savage wild creatures, bounty hunters, and the unpredictably violent Thorunn weather trying to kill them every step of the way.

Jones’ next upcoming project, Thorunn is a sci-fi novel set in the far future.

Stay tuned for updates and sneak peeks!

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