ETJ Writes


Thorunn isn’t the most welcoming to earthers. Biannual destructive Frix–Storm seasons and deadly shapeshifting feline natives are just two of the untold dangers the norse-named planet boasts.

But to Laine Riven’s dismay, his father believes the rewards far outweigh the risks, forcing the teen to travel with his family to a small settlement – still recovering from the sudden, inexplicable loss of the Apollo XXII colony – where Laine’s fears are soon realised in one set of heartstopping events after another, starting with his father’s unexpected arrest and imprisonment, his mother’s contraction of a terminal illness, and the unprovoked devastation of his new home by the nearby Lokian population.

Meanwhile, Kenton Wishings and his best friend Bo are forced to forsake their peaceful forest life when greedy scientists begin to threaten everything they hold dear, embarking on a desperate quest to save their homes and families despite the the wild creatures, soldiers, and the unpredictably violent Thorunn weather trying to kill them every step of the way.

Jones’ next upcoming project, Thorunn is a sci-fi novel set in the far future.

Stay tuned for updates and sneak peeks!

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