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Amiri of Caro

Before he was the infamous “Light-Fingers” he was Amiri of Caro. And before that, he was a street urchin.

This is his story.

A set of vignettes revolving around Amiri’s childhood based on a series of prompts from @yourocsbackstory on tumblr.

An upcoming series set in the world of Tedenbarr of Have Lath

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She didn’t know she’d been stolen . . .

Sci-fi and portal fantasy collide in this YA tale about a girl, her two families, and the woman determined to destroy her life, no matter the cost.

Worldbuilding Details


Stealing Freedom


What if Tiana was Tedenbarr’s twin?

What if she ran away?

A vivid reimagining of the events of Tedenbarr of Have Lath from the perspective of Tedenbarr’s twin sister. Adventure awaits in a world both familiar and brand new . . .

More to come . . .

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