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World Building & Map Making

World Building & Map Making

July 14, 2022
Guthrie Memorial Library

Workshop 1:00-3:00 PM
Learn how to create your own unique, vibrant fantasy world and design an accompanying map with young adult author Esther T. Jones

An interactive and inspiring writing-related workshop, Jones will guide aspiring novelists through imagining and designing a fantasy world and realising that creation through an accompanying map. No previous drawing experience needed!

This event is free and open to the public, although registration is encouraged. Information regarding registration and other programs can be found here and at the Guthrie Memorial Library’s Event page.

The workshop went really well! Thanks to everyone who attended. A big thanks also goes out to Mike and Alissa from the teen department at the Guthrie Memorial Library. Their assistance helped make the event a success!

Check out the ETJ Writes blog for additional pictures and details.

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