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Praise for Tedenbarr of Have Lath

“I’m seventy-two. And I loved the book…it’s really special when [children eleven and fourteen], and someone my age can love the same thing.”
– Betsy

“The plot itself is interesting. A young man trying to get back to his home after his ship is destroyed. He is constantly worrying about his fiance and worried that she has moved on. The plot is the highlight of this novel and…on par to other first novels I’ve read by other authors. I implore someone who loves reading these kind[s] of books to pick it up and tell me their opinion!”
– Tiffany Reuter (Full Review/Twitter)

Definitely worth buying this book!!!!! I love it. I can’t wait to see what else the author releases! Great writer!!
– Amazon Customer

This book had interesting characters, whose adventures I enjoyed reading about. Although the book moved slowly in a series of bad luck, good luck, the book was not very predictable. Many of the characters spoke with thick accents…so, this book did give me a new appreciation for the ELLs I’ve worked with who keep reading, despite it being a struggle. Overall, this was a story about one man’s great adventure to return home.
– Nat (Full Review/Blog)

This book is quite the adventure, filled with changes in location, a huge cast of characters, action, adventure, danger, and laughs. Written for middle-grade, this book has some adult themes that may make it a joy for older audiences to read.
“This is a very good start for a debut author. Esther T. Jones knows how to set a scene and keep the reader entertained while juggling a huge cast and many scene changes. The story was well written and engaging. As Ms. Jones perfects pacing and accents, she’ll be an author to keep an eye on. For us, we intend to follow her progress.

– LT Anderson, Authors of “Absorbing Lives” (Full Review/Website)

If you are looking for an adventure this may just be the book for you. [It’s] well written, with unique characters. I loved how when each character was speaking the written words gave each character a slightly different accent. It made it easy to hear each different character in my mind.
– Chrissy Busick (Full Review/Blog)

This is such a well-written book!!!!! From the beginning to the end Tedenbarr’s adventures never get boring!!! He often gets put in harm’s way and is helped by many kind people! I found myself loving and appreciating those kind characters.
– Jennifer Dages

Jones has a strong vocabulary and sound imagination…there is an epic Odyssey-like/Tolkien-style FEEL to the story. Jones has impressive world-building skills and comprehensive character-development and plotting.”
– MLW (Full Review)

One of the most absorbing, engaging and charming novels I’ve ever read.

Tedenbarr of Have Lath introduces a uniquely complex world that has many elements of well thought out world building and an array of different characters. . .it keeps you rooting for the protagonist to return home to his beloved._
Esther Jones is a fantastic writer. . .and for a first novel her prose is elegant and paints lovely pictures of [the] world as a whole. I do hope to see this world again in later novels.”
– Elayna Barrison (Full Review)

This is a really cool book! It’s a really neat story and I totally fell in the [sic] love with the characters! It’s clean and has good morals and lessons! _
– Heidi Dages (Full Review)

Tedenbarr of Have Lath
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