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Hello Friends!

Reading from Tedenbarr of Have Lath in the Children's LibraryThanks so much to all who came out to the Coyle Free Library’s Grand Reopening to hear me read excerpts from Tedenbarr of Have Lath, and who bought copies for themselves or friends and family. I enjoyed hearing all the fascinating stories that everybody had to share, and it was absolutely wonderful to meet so many different people all brought together by the love of books and joy of reading!

Many thanks also to Sarah, the children’s librarian, who couldn’t have been more helpful in coordinating the event, and also to the other brilliant and talented writers at the event. I shared a cosy, sun-filled room with Sherri Maret, Jennie K. Brown, and Rachael T. Reiton, who were three of the most genial and welcoming ladies I have ever met. It really was a joy getting to know each author and watching kids’ faces light up with each new story they discovered.

I look forward to returning to the Coyle Free Library for future events, and to enjoy all the features the newly refreshed library has to offer.

Additional photos can be found at Instagram and Facebook, and don’t forget to join the mailing list and follow me on your preferred social media to receive notifications for future events, and keep up-to-date on the latest news from me.

Happy Reading!


Tedenbarr of Have Lath: Kindle Edition!

For all you digital book lovers, Tedenbarr of Have Lath is available as a Kindle eBook!

I’ve recently slashed the price in half (though a little birdy told me that it’s free with Kindle Unlimited, shh), and the digital version comes with a full colour map!

And yep, you can Look Inside all the way up to chapter 2!

Happy Reading,


Coffee and Books!

Hello Friends!

I was so thrilled to meet those of you who were able to come out to Friday’s book signing. The gathering was small but cosy, and I really got to know each person. I loved hearing all your thoughtful questions, as well as your own experiences with writing and I do hope you will continue your creative endeavours.

For those of you who missed the event, I do have additional pictures posted both on Instagram and Facebook, and please keep scrolling to view a 2-part video of the event featuring the entire reading session, and part of the Q&A (unfortunately the camera did cut out here and there, so part 2 is edited together as best as possible).

Thanks to everybody who graciously allowed me to post pictures of them online, and thanks to my wonderful mother who kindly filmed the event and took many of the photographs.

Don’t forget to join the mailing list to receive notifications for future events, and please follow me on your preferred social media if you would like to stay up-to-date on the latest news from me.

Happy Reading!


New Contact Form/Follow Button

Hello Friends!

I have just changed the way I deliver updates from ETJ Writes to readers. There is now a “follow” button on the side of this site, just under the “books” tab, and the process is now easier than ever, no comments required!

Of course I would love to hear from each and every one of you, so please feel free to leave your thoughts on my newly revamped Contact page, and stay up-to-date by checking out my various social media hangouts.

Thanks for all your support!

Happy reading!


Instagram is Here!


Yes dear readers, I’ve finally set up an instagram account where you can follow me to get access to all sorts of neat content. Bushes in Snow

I’ll be sharing pictures of my interests and events as well as extras from my books.

So what are you waiting for!? Go follow @ETJWRITES, and join in all the fun today!

Bookmarks are Here!

That’s right friends!

Whether you prefer to keep your books in pristine condition in between reading sessions, want something neat to mark your place, or just like collecting cool stuff, ETJ Writes is now offering elegant, yet handy bookmarks themed around Tedenbarr of Have Lath:

B&W TOHL Bookmark

Art by Don Jones 2017

Sounds swell! How do I get my hands on one?

There are two great ways to acquire one or several of these bookmarks. Visit me at the various author events I’ll be at throughout the year and get a FREE bookmark when you also pick up a copy of Tedenbarr of Have Lath, or become a patreon and get access to unlimited printable downloads of either design.

Thanks for your support and as always, happy reading!

West Coast Vibes

Good News!

Now you can read Tedenbarr of Have Lath on the East and West coast!

What better way to enjoy a warm spring than with an iced tea and a good ole’ adventure story?

Many thanks to James Oschner and the Sutter County Library System in Yuba City, CA for adding Tedenbarr of Have Lath to circulation.

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